Oracle 11i Certification

I have attempted the Beta certification tests of Oracle 11i Applications Technology track.
There are three tests in this track and classroom training is waived of if the tests are taken before May 2007.

The three tests that needs to be passed to obtain the certification are :
1Z0-231 - Implement Oracle Workflow 11i
1Z1-232 - Oracle 11i System Administration
1Z1-233 - 11i Install Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications

The last two tests were in beta phase till 31st January 2007. So I have appeared for those tests on 25th of January and 31st of January. Managed to prepare and appear for these tests before the beta expires.

1Z0-231 : Implement Oracle Workflow 11i is not in beta test and is not available as of today. So I need to wait for this test to become officially available to write it. Also till now I didnt get oppurtunity to work on workflow and implement it. So I will be utilizing the time to prepare for the test and do some hands on. Luckily my current project has workflow implementation with AME (Approval Management Engine). So this test will be useful for me as well as my current implementation experience for the test.

1Z1-232: Oracle 11i System Administration. Wrote this test yesterday on 31st January. Just before the beta version expires. So its still fresh in my mind. There are 103 questions with 180 minutes to complete it. Well as per agreement I cannot reveal much about the questions, but I can say that the questions are good and a person with good hands on can easily pass through. We need to study more on topics like User Management, Forms personalization and Data Security apart from the other topics given in the course contents. As User Management is a new chapter with Oracle moving towards RBAC I felt we need to study more on this new topic and there are quite a few number of questions from this.

1Z1-233 : 11i Install Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications
Wrote this test last week and this is the first Beta test I have appeared from Oracle. So I was not prepared for the plethora of questions that Oracle has bombarded on me. There were 153 questions and 3 hours time to complete all. The test center room was too cold and in between my hands went numb. Well leaving the environment factors and coming to the actual questions felt they were tough. Even though cloning, patching and installing are part of my day to day activities, I do not remember the commands and rely mostly on Metalink.

Now I need to prepare for the workflow test and keep my fingers crossed till the results of the Beta tests are announced. Meanwhile I am planning to appear for Oracle 10g Application server Administration -I test. Though I am not keen on writing it so soon, but i got a 25% discount voucher from my company and it expires in the first week of March. So if I have to save some money, then I better have to pull up my socks and prepare well to appear before the voucher expires.


shantha said...

Nice blog krishna ,i am also preparing for 1z1-233 production version,i gone through oracle documentation and practicing cloing and patching and i want to know is it ok or else i need to go though any other doucumnets...for exam.

shantha said...

hi krishna ,nice blog i am also preparing 1Z1-233 prod version and i am just gone through oracle documentation only and practising patching and cloining consepts and i want to know whter this ok or else i need to work on any specsific jobs or documents.

thnks in adv.